We are told that vaccines do not cause autism and that the science is settled. But is it?

The truth is, the safety and monitoring systems we have in place are simply inadequate to make the claim that vaccines do not cause autism. In fact, the CDC and NIH scientific studies on vaccines are not designed to properly analyze whether autism could be an adverse reaction to vaccination because their safety trials are simply too short in duration and their sample sizes too small. This has been confirmed by a court deposition of Dr. Kathryn Edwards, who is considered one of the top vaccinologists in the world and editor of the leading medical textbook; Plotkin’s Vaccines. Dr. Edwards knows the vaccine science and she is acutely aware that the science on vaccines is simply inadequate to say they are not causing autism. Watch this episode on TheHighwire of her deposition here.

The CDC did in fact run a trial on the Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine (MMR) back in the early 2000’s, following public pressure by thousands of parents who were reporting their typically developing children had regressed into autism after receiving the MMR vaccine. A senior CDC scientist of this study was Dr. William Thompson, who in 2014, filed for whistleblower protection and submitted a sworn affidavit that he and his colleagues in the CDC Vaccine Safety Branch were ordered to commit scientific fraud, destroy evidence and manipulate data to conceal the link they discovered between autism and vaccines. He submitted to congress 800 pages of the original data that showed their research had found a highly significant correlation of the MMR causing autism, especially in black boys who received the MMR before the age of 3 years. They’d found that black boys had a 336% increased risk of regressing into autism following the MMR vaccine than any other race, and the CDC has known since 2002 and they have covered it up and lied to the public for almost 20 years. Dr. Thompson turned over the 800 pages of the original study to Congressman Bill Posey who pleaded with his colleagues in congress to hold a full investigation and to hear Dr. Thompson’s testimony. Unfortunately, Big Pharma and CDC executives are too powerful for our representatives in congress to hold an investigation even to this day.

How many children have been damaged by receiving the MMR? How many black baby boys have regressed into autism since 2004? The gravity of what has been happening is so egregious and this attack on our children must end. Every mother and father of a child with autism should be told what our government has done to them. There is no justice. They are no reparations that could possibly repair the damage that these lies have caused our children, but this has to end. We can’t allow them to continue to harm more children. We must demand a full investigation and hold those accountable for their crimes against humanity as well as those congressmen who have refused to hold a congressional hearing to investigate since 2014.

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