COVID Protocols and Faith in Medicine; Avery Jackson, MD

PresenterAvery Jackson III, MD

Avery Jackson, III, is a board-certified neurosurgeon and bestselling author of the book ‘The God Prescription’. He has given expert testimony to support a state house bill to reject mandated vaccination in the workplace. Dr. Jackson presented on America Outloud Podcast with Dr. Peter McCullough. He is an American Frontline Doctor who believes in early treatment for Covid

19. He testified before the State Congress and commissions against vaccine and mask mandates. He has also appeared on the Bob Dutko Show (12/30/21), On the Edge with Thayrone – WAAM Radio (12/31/21), and

the Glenn Beck Show – Blaze Radio (12/31/21) to speak the truth regarding Covid 19 inpatient care (hospital protocols).

He spoke at ministerial conferences around the country including Word of Faith International Christian Center with Bishop Keith and Pastor Deborah Butler, Believers Voice of Victory with Reverend Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Faith Life Church with Pastors Gary and Drenda Keesee, Linked Up Church with Pastors Joel and Tricia Gregory, Lord of Hosts Church with Pastors Hank and Brenda Kunneman, Supernatural Leadership Conference at Christian Worship Center with Pastors Mark and Trina Hankins. He presented to KCM staff at Eagle Mountain Church with Pastors George and Terri Pearsons regarding covid 19 early treatment.

Let’s Fix Stuff Podcast with Patrick Colbeck (12/29/2021), Greater Than Podcast with Elijah Murrell(1/28/2022),

Delora and Dennis– The Gathering (1/24/2022), Kingdom Age Studio/ India with Arun Konagari (2/3/2022), and Christian Apologetics Podcast with Katheryn Camp Ministries( 3/18/2022).

He and his team have taken care of hundreds of patients with Covid 19 with a high success rate. He has facilitated national educational events on Covid 19. He is a contributing author in the book Let America Live by Dr. Stella Immanuel. He was a presenter with Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Peter McCullough at the Liberty and Health Alliance Conference on 1/8/22.

Dr. Jackson obtained his BA from the University of Chicago. Medical degree from Wayne State University. General surgery training at Northwestern University. Neurosurgical Residency at Penn State University. Complex Neurosurgical Spine Fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

He is the Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of the Michigan Neurosurgical Institute, P.C., which he founded in 2004.

In 2017 he founded the MNI Great Lakes ECHO LLC, where he developed the first Project ECHO in Michigan and the second Bone Health project ECHO in the world. The MNI Great Lakes Addiction Medicine and Chronic Pain & their COVID-19 ECHO series are also the first of its kind in Michigan, created to address the opioid crisis and current COVID needs to assist in the effort to save lives.

CME Credit is available for this lecture through MNI Great Lakes ECHO.

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