Mercury and Fluoride. Are They Safe?

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Hahn, DDS

Summary:Fluoride and Mercury have been used in dentistry for decades and have been considered safe and effective materials in the prevention and treatment of dental disease. But are they? Are they safe in our water supply? In our drugs? In our mouths? What does science tell us?

Kevin S Hahn, DDS is a Board Certified Dentist who has been practicing dentistry for the past 18 years. He graduated from Loma Linda School of Dentistry in 2004 and has practiced in Washington State and Michigan. He slowly began to independently research toxins in dentistry and became more concerned that fluoride and mercury were not as safe as were taught by his dental education, and that which continues to be propagated through the dental associations. Now he joins his wife in educating others on a variety of toxic exposures and appropriate mitigation strategies. 

CME Credit is available for this lecture through MNI Great Lakes ECHO.

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