Just under 100 years ago, Karl Marx set out to reset the world’s political structure and bring in a whole new world order. What he set in motion was a movement toward a socialist society where a centralized government provides for, and ultimately controls the people. Marxism is seductive in it’s social justice and classless ideologies but history has shown time and time again that such a societal structure always tips the scales towards overreaching government control that ultimately leads to powerful communist regimes, which eventually leads to genocidal atrocities of hundreds of millions of people.

In 1963 The Communist Party published 45 steps on how to infiltrate and convert the United States of America into a communist country. Learn how close America is today of achieving that goal.

What is Maxism? What is Democratic Socialism? All Americans need to learn the history so that we do not repeat it. We must immediately reverse course and protect the last nation on earth from falling for Marxist deceptions.

Dr. Sal Martingano brings us the history and a better understanding of Marxism and a road we must not travel.


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