One In A Million? Don’t Believe It!

Millions around the world have been silenced, gaslighted, ridiculed, cast out, and defamed for simply trying to share their story. The world is told to hate them . . . to criticize them . . . to ignore and censor them. Somehow we have been led to believe they are dangerous to society and even domestic terrorists.

People should be able to share their personal tragedies and heartaches and receive kindness, support, and understanding in return. But sadly in this day an age, these stories are not allowed to be told. They are not allowed to be shared.

Why don’t they just stop? Why do they continue to share their stories when those in power are trying to do everything possible to shut them up?

Because they are trying to save you from their fate. They are trying to save your loved ones from a tragedy they know all too well. They don’t want another soul to suffer as they have. Because they are angry that they were lied to and they want to expose the truth.

What is the truth?

That it’s NOT one in a million. . . not even close.

These are some of their stories. Those stories that were shared with the world and then stripped off of the internet and social media. We don’t know how long we have to share before they take our voices away for good. . . but we will continue to try.

Feel free to download or screen record and help us share the truth. We pray their stories will never be forgotten and that one day they will be free to share without repercussions. We pray that one day the world will know the lies.

Until then. . . we pray we reach you and your loved ones.

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