Toxins & Public Health; Truth, Lies, & Malfeasance

Through air, water, soil, EMF, and pharmaceutical hazards, we are being poisoned. Our public health agencies are not protecting us nor warning us about the ever growing list of toxins that are contributing to the poor health of Americans. The Summit offers more than 14 hours of educational information for both the public and our healthcare community.

The 4-Disc DVD Set comes with a booklet describing each speaker and presentation. Learn from some of the top doctors and scientists from around the country. Discover new insights regarding chemicals and contaminants in our water, air, and soil. Hear what experts have to say regarding the pediatric vaccine schedule, COVID-19 protocols, COVID-19 Vaccines, and Vaccine Injury. You may think you are living healthy, but you may discover you are exposing yourself and your children to dangerous toxins. GMO’s and glyphosate, wireless radiation, even substances that doctors claim are to make you healthier… could be causing you and your children harm. Learn the truth and empower your family with knowledge to reduce exposures to disease causing toxins.

This is vital information for all parents. With developmental diseases inflicting 17% of American children, pediatric autoimmune diseases increasing 400%, cancer rising in our kids 4.5% every year, and autism increasing a whopping 47,000%…we have to understand why.

Healthcare workers can earn up to 14 CME credits* and gain valuable evidence-based information that they can take back to their practices and improve the care they provide to patients.

MNI Great Lakes ECHO is offering each activity individually for a maximum of 14 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM, which can be found on the Summit page or in the DVD package. Nurses: The ACCME is approved by the board of nurses as an acceptable provider of continuing education for renewal of license.
*14hrs AMA/ACCME CME certificate sold separately.