The Autism Epidemic

Presenter: Maija C. Hahn, CCC-SLP

SummaryIs autism genetic? Should we as a society, be embracing the uniqueness of the autistic individual and discouraging the need for remediation? Autism has reached epidemic levels in the last 2 decades. Learn how to identify early markers, what risk factors are contributing to ASD, what the social costs of this epidemic are and what approaches are the most appropriate for this special population.

Maija C. Hahn is a Speech Language Pathologist and Autism Specialist who has helped develop individualized autism programs in California, Oregon, Washington State, and here in Michigan.

She is the founder and director of United for Healthcare Workers; A national healthcare advocacy organization fighting for ethical and honest medicine and science, informed consent, and medical freedoms.

Maija’s own personal testimony bares witness to the dangers of a one-size-fits-all vaccine schedules and mandates.

In 2021 Maija testified in front of the Michigan House Oversight Committee on House Bill 4667; banning government vaccine passports, speaking for thousands who have been vaccine injured. And she continues to work the frontlines trying to secure vaccine choice and medical freedom in Michigan and beyond.

Maija is also the host of Health Freedom UnMuzzled; an educational vlog that focuses on toxic exposures, and government collusion and overreach.

Maija is also the president of REACT: Research and Education for Autistic Children’s Treatment. A non-profit 501(c)3 organization who’s main mission is to fund and support research, and help develop treatment protocols for autism and other neurological disorders, developmental disorders, and chronic illness.

CME Credit is available for this lecture through MNI Great Lakes ECHO

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