Maija, the Host of Health Freedom UnMuzzled and Founder of United Healthcare Workers Initiative, goes LIVE to chat about the United Healthcare Summit coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 15-16th.

Creating solutions to fix our broken American healthcare system is imperative. It starts first with understanding the problem, then rounding up the people who want to elicit change, and then developing creative and collaborative ways to successfully create working solutions that benefit providers as well as patients.

How do we get out from under the grip of the massive monopolies of the Medical Industrial Complex? How do we raise up against Big Pharma and Health Insurance Companies who care about profits over people and health?

Whether you are a parent, a healthcare provider, a scientist, or a patient it is time to begin the journey towards true health by first understanding that we may have been lied to. Can we still trust the higher institutions and regulatory agencies that are captured by industry? Could they be directing us not towards health, but towards disease? Let’s look at the independent, evidenced-based data together, presented by doctors, scientists, and practitioners whom we can trust. Because it is time that we do our own due diligence.

Everyone is welcome! Join us, and connect with healthcare workers and patients across the state and nation who value ethics in science and medicine and seek to reestablish best healthcare practices to help us reclaim our health, and our health freedoms.

14 CME credits are available to Healthcare providers. Share this, and together we all can be part of the solution of fixing our broken healthcare system.

To find out more in formation about The Summit visit:

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