Suggested Films and Documentaries


Vaxxed II:

Injecting Aluminum:

1986 The Act:

Sacrificial Virgins:

Vaccines Revealed Series:

Vaccines Revealed (Covid Edition):

Little Things Matter – The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain:



Dissolving Illusions ny Suzanne Humphries:

How to end the Autism Epidemic by J.B. Handley:

HPV on Trial by Mary Holland

Vaccine Epidemic by Louise Habakus and Mary Holland

Miller’ Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: Neil Z. Miller

Vaccine Whistleblower: Kevin Barry, Esq.

Plague by Ruscetti, Milovits, & Heckenlively:

Plague of Corruption by Milovits, & Heckenlively:

Warrior Mom by Tracy M. Slepcevic:

Covid Operation by Pam Popper: 

Podcasts and Heroes

Del BigTree and the HighWire:

Robert F Kennedy and The Children’s Health Defense:

The Defender:

Theresa Deisher Sound Choice Pharmaceuticals Institute (working for end fetal tissue use in pharmaceuticals):

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and iPAKnowledge:

and his podcast Unbreaking Science:

America’s Frontline Doctors:

Physicians for Informed Consent:

Barbara Loe Fisher with NVIC:

Sherri Tenpenny with

5G Crisis:

Health Freedom UnMuzzled:

*You can also find Maija and Health Freedom UnMuzzled on Telegram:

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