When will people stop saying, “I’m not ‘anti-vax’, I’m just against ________”?!

There is NO SHAME in being 💯 against a poisoning program that deceives the public and convinces parents to harm their children.

1 in 36 American children have autism

1 in 6 American children now have a Neurodevelopmental disability

200% increase in pediatric autoimmune disease since vaccine manufacturers became immune from liability.

SIDS is VIDS; Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome.

11,300 babies die every year on the 1st day of life in the USA… 50% higher than all other industrialized nations COMBINED. (USA injects HepB on day 1)

1,615,020+ COVID Vaccine Victims

This ex-vaxxer proudly proclaims to be ANTI-VAX!

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