Do you trust the Federal Regulatory Agencies to protect you from corporate greed, Big Pharma, and environmental toxins? Do you trust your knowledge as a healthcare provider that you are providing honest, ethical, and scientifically driven health advice? As a patient, a parent, or a caregiver, do you still trust your doctors to advise you on what is safe and effective? Who can we trust to bring us evidence-based health and wellness practices and who will once again value the partnership between the practitioner and the patient?

Whether you are a parent, a healthcare provider, a scientist, or a patient, it is time to begin the journey towards true health by first understanding that we have been lied to. We can no longer trust the higher institutions and regulatory agencies that have been captured by industry that have been directing us not towards health, but towards disease.

On July 15-16th, 2022 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are hosting a TRUE Healthcare Summit, The Summit is bringing in some of the top physicians, scientists, and practitioners whom are bravely countering the corporate narrative and exposing the industry’ toxins that are destroying our health.

This 2-day healthcare Summit will be providing CMEs and tickets are limited. If you want an opportunity to attend, please goto to be notified when tickets go on sale.

ATTENTION SPONSORS!! We are also hosting a VIP dinner event on Friday 15th exclusive to our sponsors, activists, and healthcare providers who have been on the front lines standing for medical ethics and freedom. We look forward to networking with you as we work to rebuild our broken healthcare system.

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